Music Video for Southeast Asia

15 Feb Ubud Monkey Forest, Bali

Elephant’s World in Thailand, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Kilometer 52 in Laos, Songkran in Chiang Mai, Surfing in Bali, Cliff Jumping in Bali and Thailand, Monkeys in Ubud, Mantas in Indonesia, Whale Sharks in the Philippines, a moustache, and beautiful friendly people.

My 8th and final music video from my trip around the world. Special thanks to Boudi the Monk for ringing the temple bells. It was an amazing journey.  The world is full of beauty to eyes that see.  Thank you.

-New Year Sun Bear

The 8th and Final Song from Southeast Asia

15 Jan Bali

During Songkran in Chiang Mai, Boudi the monk rang the temple bells at Wat Chiedi Luang. My Monk Chat with Boudi was enlightening and inspiring. He told me that when devout Buddhists strike the bells, their resonance purifies the sacred place and protects them from evil spirits. I sampled him on this song, the 8th and final track from my trip around the world.

Southeast Asia is full of diverse cultures. This song is not meant to homogenize them all. Instead, I hope this song is more of a collage of my time in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines and Indonesia (mostly Bali.)

A special thanks to every musician who collaborated with me on this ambitious project. You gave these songs the heart and soul they required.

Thanks for listening and joining me on this great adventure.


all alone
bravely we go
into the unknown
all we know is
it’s gone
it’s both sapling and beautiful
cherry blossom
barrel headfirst
into the absurd
all we have is this moment
to be delirious

paper lanterns
laughing geckos
golden Buddhas
she said
I am not afraid
of goodbyes
I will see you again
in this lifetime
or the next

set fire
to the forest of your soul
once we are nothing
the seeds of love begin
to grow
and in the charred remains
we’ll finally see
in every moment
in every breath
an epiphany
in every kiss
all that we are
and everything we’ll ever be

Music Video for India

1 Oct Found Jolly Old St. Nicholas in India.

India is the 7th song from my year around the world making music.

This song features a passionate Sarod performance by Mattu Noone, Rats from the Karni Matta Temple, camels through the Thar Desert, Taj Mahal on Christmas Day, Ravi bathing in the Holy Mother Ganga and a cow grazing on garbage.  The stunts performed in this video should not be recreated in America, or any where else in the known world.

Hope you like it. To hear Mattu in the Bahh Band, visit
Temple bells were recorded in Varanasi.

The final song from Southeast Asia is coming soon.  Namaste.

India: The 7th Song From the Banks of the Ganges

27 Mar Bathing along the Ganga in Varanasi.

Finally, India, the 7th song from my year around the world making music. The temple bells come from the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi, where they’ve been burning bodies for 2,500 years from Shiva’s eternal flame. It has never burned out. A million thanks to Mattu Noone for the passionate sarod performance.

If you want to here more of the talented Mattu, check out the bahh band:

I’m currently in Cambodia, volunteering teaching English.  I just came from Thailand, where I fed sticky rice balls to rescued elephants, chatted with monks and jumped off cliffs.  The next song will be a Southeast Asia medley.

Namaste. Thank you for listening.

pseudo sadhus pushing hash along the ganga
monkeys pilfering temple offerings
they’re sifting through your charred remains
for golden rings
artifices of the living
I watched a kid dancing in traffic
with no arms or legs
he said
the path to love is paved with suffering
ram naam satya hai
ram naam satya hai
but I’ve already died
a thousand times
I’ve loved you in every life
twenty-five hundred years of burning bodies
forever on the tip of my tongue
love is all we have
that drifting life raft
over a tumultuous ocean of doubt
the universe was a post card
but I couldn’t fit the words in the allotted space
so I wrote your name
ram naam satya hai
ram naam satya hai
I held a dying man’s hand
in a house where death visits at all hours
he comes in the morning after chai
or with the howling dogs at night
to the grave you take nothing
we go as we came
so this is it
there is no more becoming

Music Video for Turkey

21 Feb Hoca in the Grand Bazaar


Here is the music video for Turkey, the 6th song from my year around the world traveling and writing music.

The video features Hoca on the Saz, his glorious Pala Remzi (Machete Mustache), The Grand Bazaar, The Blue Mosque, The Hagia Sophia and other beautiful spots in Istanbul.  Dancing footage was filmed in Cappadocia, Cameron Diaz’s Baklava Shop, and at a Whirling Dervish performance.

Teşekkür ederim Turkey for being so wonderful.  Thank you for watching!

Turkey: The 6th Song from the Muslim World

7 Feb Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Turkey is my 6th song from my year around the world traveling and writing music. On this song Hoca plays Saz, the Turkish guitar. I recorded his performance at his nargileh and saz shop in the Grand Bazaar. The Islamic call to prayer sampled was recorded in the courtyard of the Blue Mosque and on a rooftop near the Hagia Sophia.

I’m in India right now, volunteering at the Mother Teresa House with the terminally ill.  I’ve been feeding monkeys peanuts, riding on the roof of buses, eating street food, throwing up street food and taking camels through the desert.  India is a lover that you only have make-up sex with.  This next song with be full of ups and downs.

Thanks, enjoy!


God is in us

Burak gave me his blue eye
keeps me safe from evil
he says
“I know a place we can go
where the sun never sets
where the sun never rises”

don’t go through the desert
looking for water
salvation is in your heart
love everyone
God is in us

Burak took me to the Blue Mosque
I took my shoes off
face down towards Mecca
I heard the voice of God
like a song that never ends
a song that never begins

Music Video for Greece

17 Dec Poseidon's Temple

Footage of the riots in Athens, island cats, my cave on Milos and Delphi.  Thank you again Yerko Fuenzalida Lorca for playing the Lyre on this song.  Here’s Greece, the 5th music video from my trip around the world.  Thank you for watching.

Greece: The Fifth Song from a Cave on Milos

10 Dec The Cave I slept in for 3 days on Milos.

On my last day in Greece, I went to Delphi. Amidst the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, I met Yerko Fuenzalida Lorca, who plays the Lyre on this song. Music was written during the protests and riots in Athens. I wrote lyrics in the cave I slept in for 3 days on Milos, an island in the Cyclades.

This is the 5th song from my year around the world making music. Hope you like it. To hear Yerko and his main instrument, the Kora, visit

I’m in Istanbul right now, attending daily prayers at the Blue Mosque and hanging out in the Grand Bazaar listening to my Hoca (teacher) play the Saz (Turkish guitar.)  New song from the Middle East coming soon!


I dreamed you were on a shell
sailing towards me
over wine dark seas
so I waited on the shores
of Milos
but you never showed

so for three lonesome days
I slept in a cave
watching shadows flicker on the walls
screaming up at
all those distant cosmic embers
for being too goddamn small

and I returned as
the wisest man in Athens
on the eve of revolution
I finally learned I know nothing

I felt dawn touch me softly
at the foot of my king-sized cardboard bed
slipping off her saffron dress
she broke my heart
she was glorious

but when I stepped outside
the fire burned out both of my eyes
if I ever get home (Ithaca)
I’ll be like a beggar in my (owes me)
old kingdom (nothing)

and I returned as
the wisest man in Athens
on the eve of revolution
I finally learned I know nothing

untie me from this mast
let us hear some beauty
before we pass
it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy
this life is

on a journey to Delphi
in search of the Oracle
I had to ask her
where do I go next
but she already vanished
instead all I found was a

one-eyed cat
we shared my last pieces of bread
and a couple of olives
we’re just two lonesome pilgrims
our only hope
is this temple
in ruins

Music Video for Germany

27 Nov Oktoberfest

Danke Schön Carol Bräutigam for playing accordion on this song!

Footage from Oktoberfest, Munich, Hamburg, Erfurt, and the Berlin Wall East Side Gallery.  All footage filmed with a gopro.

Germany: The Fourth Song from The Deutschland

5 Nov Kissin' old Big Lips at the Berlin Wall East Side Gallery


Germany is the fourth song from my year around the world making music. On every track I’m collaborating with local musicians.  The lovely Carol Bräutigam plays Accordion on this one.

Music was written in Munich during Oktoberfest and in Erfurt.  Accordion was recorded in Halle.  Lyrics were written and recorded in Berlin.

I’m in Athens right now, visiting the Acropolis, preparing for the big riots tomorrow and setting sail for Milos if my boat ever shows up.  Expect the song from Greece soon!

Thanks for listening!  Prost!

12 Countries. 12 Songs. 1 Year.


no borders
can stop you
you will tunnel
and risk your life
on a hot air balloon ride
float over search lights
you will be free or die

denied all of our lives
on the east side
over the Berlin Wall
destroy your snow globe eyes
humiliate the sky

from the west
spray paint prophets speak the truth
with noxious fumes


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